"Reviving, Renewing, Reclaiming This Millennial Generation"

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The House

The Vision

To be a church of excellence as this is the church the Lord is looking for when he returns. Are times of gathering will be filled with the praises and power of God. We shall be a self-sufficient church that will meet the demands of today's challenges. The people of Dixon Temple will be financially empowered, spiritually and mentally stable and possess an evidence of the fruit of the Spirit of God. We will build God a house to dwell in and be pleased with us on earth. Our chief aim will be to perpetuate all of the written word of God in this modern world. We will be a church reviving our hearts, renewing our minds, reclaiming the lost.



To teach, preach and provide training for disciples. Provide energetic sincere worship services that glorify the Lord. To encourage and support educational extensions for our members young and old. To provide a safe haven for children and the mentally handicapped. Offer healthy initiatives to make us holistically whole.

What We Believe


  • We believe  the  Bible to  be  the  written  and  inspired word  of God  that through the  patriarchs of old, did  he  leave  us instructions of  how  to  live, and  examples of his  might and  power. (Hebrews  1:1)
  • We believe  that  without Humanity love), our  work  is unfulfilled, and ineffectual, and  that  our  gifts  from  God  are null  and  void. (I Corinth. 13)
  • We believe  that  Faith is the  unseen  evidence  of God's word, and  that without it no  man  can  please  the  Lord. (Hebrews  ll:6)
  • We believe  that  the  Gifts  of  The  Spirit were placed in  the  church to complement and  confirm God's word. (I Corinth. 12:8-10)
  • We believe  that  God  gives  seed  to  the  sower, so  the  sower, can  sow seed into  the  Kingdom, and  that  whatever  we give  of ourselves,  that God will give  it back  to us. (Luke  6:38)
  • We believe in  the  power  of Restoration, though a man  may  have  fallen by  the  way, God  will use  us  to  restore them  back  into  the  fellowship of the  saints. (Galatians 6:1)
  • We believe in  the  power  of  the  name Jesus. We believe  him  to  be  the only  begotten of God,  also  that  there  is no  other  name  given  whereby man  can  be  saved. (Acts  4:12)
  • We believe in  Water  Baptism as an outward symbol of an inward change, and  that  it is necessary  in  the  steps  of  salvation. (Acts  2:38)
  • We believe in  the  indwelling of  the  Holy  Ghost, and  speaking in  other tongues, as the  spirit gives  utterance. (Acts  2:1-4)
  • We believe in  the  partaking of  the  Lord's Supper, for it is  the  body  and blood of  our  Lord and  Savior  Jesus  Christ,  and  as oft  as we do  it we do  it in  remembrance of  him  and  do  shew  the  Lord's death  until  he comes. (I Corinth. ll:23-26)
  • We believe  when  Jesus  returns for  his  bride,  a great  trumpet shall sound,  and  the  dead  in  Christ shall  rise  first then  we which  are  alive and  remain shall  be  caught up  to  meet him  in  the  air. (I Thess. 4:16,17)
  • We believe after  the  resurrection, we will judge the  world  with  Christ and then  we will move  into  our  new home, New  Jerusalem. (Hebrews  13:14, Rev. 21:1,2)




Served as the faithful Shepard

for over 34 years

“For I will Restore Health unto thee, and I will Heal thee of thy Wounds, saith the Lord;...”

Jeremiah 30:17